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01 December 2016 @ 07:31 pm
[Fanvid] Affection Underestimated ♥ (series) and Others  
I would like to share some fan videos that I have edited. There are 8 fan videos all in total. All fan videos are rated PG. Enjoy! ^^

  • Affection Underestimated ♥
        Part 1 & Part 2 (Yamada’s Perspective)
    [Synopsis (click to open)]Nakajima Yuto, the charismatic athletic school heartthrob, catches the attention of Yamada Ryosuke. What happens when Yamada realizes that his apple of the eye is not a stranger as he thought he would be? With Yamada's admiration for Yuto is getting stronger, will he be able to make Yuto notice him? Also, with their connection in the past, what will Yuto's reaction be to Yamada's feelings? Here is Yamada's struggles in facing his feelings for Yuto with the encouragement from his friends particularly his confidante, Arioka Daiki.
        Part 3 & Part 4 (Yuto’s Perspective)
    [Synopsis (click to open)]Unable to identify his feelings for Ryosuke, the young Yuto decided to avoid Ryosuke in fear that his feelings might scare the other. However, this caused Ryosuke to misunderstand Yuto and treat him coldly. Eventually, Yuto understood his feelings and decided to express his love for Ryosuke… until that happened. Yuto suddenly became cautious, trying to drive away his feelings yet yearning to be loved by Ryosuke. What is behind Yuto’s conflicting actions towards Ryosuke? Will he pursue for his love or continue driving him away?

  • Forgotten Black and Vanished White
    [Synopsis (click to open)]Separated by different settings, Yuto is reunited with Ryosuke every midnight in an old room, the place where the said mysterious creature used to stay. Despite being in separate spheres, the manipulative Yuto seems to have taken control of Ryosuke who is now madly in love with him despite knowing their imminent heart-rending fate.

  • In the Front of a Fork on the Road
    [Synopsis (click to open)]For Ryosuke, Yuto is someone precious in his heart. The boy who is a childhood friend, but also his first love. He vowed to never forget the boy, reminiscing and treasuring their moments together as he faces his ultimate test.

  • You are a Friend of Mine + a bonus video
    [Details (click to open)]Old and new clips and pictures of OTP’s (seemingly one-sided) display of affection

Disclaimer: I do not own the clips, pictures, song and even the song translation used in the creation of this video. They all belong to their respective owners.