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22 August 2016 @ 12:11 am
YutoYama Exchange 2016  
Here's a heads up to this side of the fandom. If you haven't heard of us, we've been organising fic exchanges since 2014 (we don't know how we did this either, wow), specifically for this pairing! We hope that we'll get more participants in this exchange, and fret not, it's an easy going exchange and us, moderators, will be here via email or other social media platforms to help you cope with the exchange.

However, you will need an AO3 account first. If you haven't applied for one, please do so! It's a nice platform for posting writings. Also all other FAQs and Rules can be found in our exchange page.

Click here to head over and check it out!

We also encourage you to look over the fics that were produced through the previous few exchanges as they are of high quality and we'd love to spread more love amongst all the fans!